I Love Halloween

I know that it’s only July, but this is prime planning time for Halloween decoration for the year. Many people are already building props, but I don’t usually start until September with a goal of having it up early-mid October.  We have 500-1000 trick or treaters, so I try to give them a good show!  Below are a few of my favorite moments from previous years.

Jump scares are my favorite. Here are a few:

2013 Walking Dead Jumping Zombie

2014 – Teddy bear alien guts thing:

2015 – Jumping Snake:

In 2014, I created a fog screen that was a huge hit! (Best effect at ~25 seconds in)

The fog screen works even better in a darker and less windy setting:

Vortex made with a projector:


Walking Dead theme 2013:


Modern Memorial Songs


One of the few services I still offer after closing my studio is memorial slideshows for a local funeral home.  The one thing that I notice is a lack of modern songs used in memorial slideshows and funerals.  I know this is largely in part due to the fact that I live in central Georgia where old-time country songs rein supreme, but I wanted to create a list for anyone searching for more modern songs to use. It’s morbid, but I tend to analyze every song to see if it would fit a slideshow and keep it tucked away for a future moment. It’s also to make sure that “When I Get Where I’m Going” and “Go Rest High” are not played at my own funeral. Here is a list with YouTube links to the songs.  Buy the songs via Amazon or iTunes, but if you can’t find the same version you find on YouTube, you can use snipmp3.com to pull the audio from a YouTube video.

Snow Patrol – Run (Live)

Pearl Jam – Just Breathe

Aloe Blacc – Wake Me Up (Acoustic)

Switchfoot – Yesterdays

Jimmy Eat World – Hear You Me

Playing For Change – Stand By Me

Alter Bridge – In Loving Memory

Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars

Simple Plan – Untitled

Lifehouse – Broken

Foo Fighters – Home

Foo Fighters – My Hero (Acoustic)

Foo Fighters – Times Like These (Acoustic)

The Sound of Silence – Disturbed rendition

Young’s Chapel

Young’s Chapel

Young’s Chapel – A small abandoned church in Ben Hill County in Georgia.

Orlando Convention Center

An early morning shot of the Orlando Convention Center.


Carl Vinson VA Medical Center

Carl Vinson VA Medical Center

An Aerial shot of the Carl Vinson VA Medical Hospital in Dublin, GA

Threadless.com T Shirt Submission – Photographers Make Me Shutter


I created this T shirt design to submit to Threadless.com  I’ll know in a few days if they approve it to go on for voting to become a new t shirt design.  How about hopping over to http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1hVtDW/www.threadless.com/submission/418412/Camera_Shutter/from,jdavidsonphoto and sharing it around the web.  I’d appreciate it!


The Belleview Biltmore is Getting Another Chance at Restoration!

Great News – The Belleview Biltmore has a second chance at restoration!
(via http://www.savethebiltmore.com)


BELLEAIR, FL (April 2) – In a major step toward giving the storied Belleview Biltmore Resort a second chance at greatness, Belleview Biltmore Partners, LLC today unveiled its plan to restore the 115-year-old historic landmark to its regal splendor.

“Our vision for the Belleview Biltmore Hotel and Resort is rooted in the magical experiences of historic Gilded Age hotels,” said architect Richard J. Heisenbottle, FAIA, at a morning meeting with the Town of Belleair Ad Hoc Belleview Biltmore Committee, which advises the town on Biltmore-related matters. “Our goal is to give the Belleview Biltmore a second chance at greatness. With its distinctive Victorian architecture and prime Gulf Coast location, an accurate restoration of the entire facility will ensure its preeminence among worldwide luxury resorts.”

On March 31, Belleview Biltmore Partners, LLC signed a purchase and sale agreement with Kawa Capital, the hotel’s current owner, for acquisition of the hotel, golf course, and cabana club properties.  This agreement gives Belleview Biltmore Partners six months to perform due diligence and close on the purchase. “Belleview Biltmore Partners has demonstrated it is the only party with the capability of restoring the hotel,” said Daniel Ades, principal of Kawa Capital Management. “As we promised from the first day we acquired the property, we are going out of our way in trying to make the restoration of the hotel possible by providing unprecedented financing and a very extended due diligence period so that the project can materialize.”

In addition to Heisenbottle, Belleview Biltmore Partners, LLC’s principals include real estate developer Hector Torres, CGC, and entrepreneur and tourism professional Charles J. Kropke.  Belleview Biltmore Partners is represented in this transaction by the Miami based Investment Banking Firm, CGI Merchant Group, its CEO Raoul Thomas and Senior Associate Nelson Garcia.

“We all share a passion for historic restoration projects and recognize the worldwide significance of saving the Belleview Biltmore,” said Kropke. “Our goal is to create one of the nation’s finest destination resorts, and one that will be unequalled on the west coast of Florida.”

Belleview Biltmore Partners plans, presented today to the town committee, envision a complete historic restoration of the hotel in compliance with standards set by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior. The redevelopment plan for the property will remain substantially the same as illustrated in three previously approved development orders for prior owners Legg Mason Real Estate Investors.

Redevelopment plans include restoration of the historic 260-room hotel, construction of a new 153-room east wing, and restoration of the historic Magnolia, Palm, and Sunset Cottages.  The plan also includes improvements to the Biltmore Golf Club, which has remained open, and development of the beachfront Cabana Club property into a 38-room boutique hotel. All structures on the hotel property that do not contribute to the hotel’s historic designation will be removed, including the existing lobby and spa.

“This restoration will revive the Biltmore’s exceptional architecture and design features of a century ago, providing guests with a unique experience in a luxurious, amenity-rich Florida setting,” said Torres. “With our restoration plan, the Belleview Biltmore will offer a unique fusion of the present and the past – truly the best of both worlds.”  He estimates the project would take three years to complete and generate approximately 4,500 temporary and permanent jobs.
“We plan on working closely with the Town of Belleair, City of Clearwater, Pinellas County, the Belleair Country Club and area residents to make this dream a reality,” said Heisenbottle. “With everyone’s assistance, cooperation, and support, we can restore one of the grandest historic hotels in the world to its former glory.”