Selling Art

Cochran and Art do not go hand-in-hand.  There are plenty of amazing artists in this town, but not many art shoppers – just a lot of art gazers.  So that’s the problem, how do you get your art into this global market?  Which roads lead somewhere, and which are dead ends?  I guess the path of success has both, and I know that I’ve taken some of both.  The studio is definately a positive road, and the experiences that I get to share mean the world to me.  Today I taped the Eulogy of Linda Faulk, my neighbor and my friend.  Her family wanted it taped for the boys to have when they get older and understand more.  Jobs like that go far beyond success, they’re not about the money, or the exposure, they’re honors.  To know that people trust and respect you enough to capture some of the most important and influential moments in their lives, whether times of sorrow or times of cheer, that’s what means the most to me, and that’s why I do this – to help people.

 So in a town of 3,000 or so, how does a 25 year old get his name out there to the masses?  Humility, and always knowing there is more to learn has been the best teacher.  I will never be the best photographer, there is always someone on the cutting edge of technology and trends, but I look to them for inspiration.  Not to copy, but to build on. is my biggest channel of exposure, and I got in at a good time, they’ve redeveloped the site since and artists arent allowed to post directly to any more, but I have about 40 posters up before they locked it down.  I’m also trying out eBay, but from other photographers I hear it might pay it’s own bill but not much more.  As far as dead ends, i signed up for the program Second Life, a virtual reality type online game world thing, I sell a print here and there, but I’m never on long enough to talk to anyone, and I dont like the whole online sims anyhow, it was just to get my art somewhere else that was emerging.  So i’ve had hits, and misses, and I’m sure i’m only scratching the surface. I’m researching for my next ventures, and I’ll post here if they develop into much more than the sticky note they’re on at the moment.

 A lot of people have asked me who’s doing my wedding photography, and I told Rebecca that would be the one area that I would be picky on, and I chose Andrew Kornylak.  He is a commercial photographer in Atlanta with a laundry list of clients, but that’s not why I chose him.  I like his style, and I’ve taken classes from him.  You can see his commercial work at or his wedding photos at In the end, it’s not who’s on your client list, or what certificates hang on your wall, it’s about your interaction with people, and how you treat them that matters.  Off topic, but if you wonder what other photographers I admire:  Dave Hill (; Judith Pishnery ( I took classes from her as well…Those are my main ones that I regularly check out…

Well I’ve rambled enough for the moment, I’m outta here!!


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