Don’t tip the kayak!!

Originally uploaded by James Davidson

This morning, I took the kayak back out to the public lake. There weren’t
as many birds out, so I just paddled around more than anything. Then I went
to one tree that had a birds nest in it that I noticed yesterday. One of
the birds had settled down into the nest this morning, so I started trying
to figure out how to get a shot of it. I’m in the kayak, and the nest is a
good 4-5 feet above me. So I paddle back to shore and get my monopod and
remote out of my truck. I paddle back to the nest and the bird is still
there.watching me. Now, it’s pretty easy to balance on land to take a nice
shot. Not so in a kayak with an 8lb camera and lens waving at the end of a
4 foot stick!

So anyhow, I start with the 70-200 IS lens, take several shots with the
remote. (I’m shooting blind, just pointing the lens in the general
direction. Each time all I would get was the bottom of the nest, so I
stretched the monopod as far as I could and took some more. What this time?
It focused on the limb behind the bird.. So for ease of maneuvering and to
have a less likely chance of dropping my rig in the lake, I swapped to my
28-70L. I set it to 70mm, but I knew I would still be getting close, and I
wasn’t sure the bird would have it. But, I did get a couple of good shots
out of it, and then the bird left, obviously ticked at me, but I think
he/she’ll get over it in due time.



So, that’s my’s yours??


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