It’s a small world….

Today I worked on a memorial slideshow for Mrs. Sadie Lyles Stewart.  She was 95.  I didn’t think I knew her, but I was wrong.  I had just finished the slideshow when my dad called me, asking if I remembered when he woudl take me over to her house when I was little and she would make me PB&J sandwiches.  He said she was crazy about me.  That’s just a neat tidbit of the day.  Whenever I do slideshows, especially memorial ones, I do my best to honor that person and their life.  Sometimes that’s hard with 10-20 pictures, but putting pictures to music can make more of an impression than you realize.  So that was my day, the big computer is still hurting, hopefully to be better in the morning.  It’s been a long week of computer problems but I think they’re clearing up now, finally!


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