It’s in my blood….

A model of a putt putt course i made when i was a teen.

A model of a putt putt course i made when i was a teen.

When I was cleaning up my office, I found an old Polaroid from when I was a young teenager.  It’s of a model volcanic putt putt course that I was planning to build in Cochran.  I went all out with my plaster, paint, and planning because I was sure this was how I would spend my adult years; I even had the waterworks running correctly to see how it would all flow.  I remember planning on building it where the bypass splits coming into town from Macon, because I was sure it would get the most traffic there.  It’s been one of my many grandiose plans, others include – building a shopping center with a bowling alley, teacher supply store, cafe, pizza buffet, bookstore, etc.. and rebuilding the Howard House for parties & events (I still plan on this if it’s ever possible financially).  When I was growing up, i can’t even remember all of the shops that I wanted to start, the main one that I remember was a car audio shop, but i mainly wanted to open that to get discounts on stuff for my car.  Now that I’m older that one doesn’t really strike my fancy anymore. 

Looking through my family, i guess I was supposed to start my own business.  My main inspiration is my PawPaw, or my mom’s dad.  He started his own TV repair shop in his basement and was very successful.  More-so than that, he passed away in ’94, and to this day, there is still the random phone call from someone wanting to know if he can fix their TV.  That kind of reputation is what I strive for, where people know that you can be trusted and counted on.  My great uncle started Calvin’s Cleaners here in Cochran, and my cousin still runs it 50+ years later.  Another uncle started Atlanta Lightning Protection and he has done jobs such as the Atlanta Aquarium, various govt. jobs and more. 

So, I guess this was the right course for me, and hopefully in 50 or so years I can look back and see what a difference I have made.  That’s my goal at least.  I’ll never retire, not fully, I can’t imagine not doing something with my time; I would just waste away…


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