In the line of fire….not really…

I’ve been playing around with Canon’s high speed sync on the flashes, so I decided to tackle capturing a speeding bullet.  Before you get any hopes up of seeing a shiny bullet flying through an attached picture, i failed. Absolutely, positively flat on my face failed.  But I know why…

Main reason – even at 1/8000 of a second, I don’t think the bullet would be frozen in time, if it was even in the frame. 

2nd reason, i need a sound trigger.  Basically I had the camera down range with the remote wired back to me.  I set the camera to the timer setting, counted to 10, pulled the trigger. 

Reason 2.5 – I can’t count worth crap….lol…I was usually a second faster than the flash on my good tries…lol.  I got a few lucky shots, but not many.  I was shooting my Ruger .22 mainly because I had a box of bullets.  I also took my Glock 9mm, but I only had one clip of 10, so that didn’t last long. 

Reason 3 – I haven’t been to the gun range in a long time, and I can’t aim.  Not to mention I didn’t have my contact in and my sight was wiggling on my barrel.

Call it unprepared or under prepared, either doesn’t really matter, I had fun, learned a little bit, and I will try again.  But anyhow, on to the pictures.


Lighting setup:  Down range – Canon 550EXII on light stand to camera left with TTL cord back to Canon 5D for main light.  a 2nd 550 ex was placed 180 degrees in front of the other speedlight set  a slave.  I just used the little “foot” and put it on the ground. 


To protect my camera & main light ( in case i was a completely horrible shot) – I placed a piece of diamond plate steel against the target stand and then a piece of plywood over it just to help ricochet if i did hit it by chance.  Better safe than killing all my equipment.  Here are a few of the better shots, and there is one of me with the remote so you can see how i was doing it (not an intentional shot, but it works for demonstration anyhow 🙂 ).



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