The Arts in Real Life – Bleckley Co. Elementary School

I had the opportunity to speak with 2 4th grade classes for the past 2 days.  I had to tell them what I do and then relate it to their current Georgia Standards for Math.  Luckilly there was a standard that pertained to angles, so that’s what I focused on.  The first day was just an interview, i talked about what I do and showed my pictures, and then the kids asked questions they had prepared.  They ranged from “Do you like your job” to questions about 3D photography, and of course, “Are you rich” lol.

The second day was all hands on with the kids.  I put my trust in them hoping they wouldnt drop my flashes, and I made them act as my light stands.  By moving the kids and the lights, I tried to show how the angles affected what you see.  The kids just liked acting for the camera, and that was fine with me.  It was a great couple of days, and now I’m plotting for Art Day which is in May.  Here’s my favorite picture from yesterday:


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