Featured in Rangefinder Magazine and Rangefinder Radio!

This month, I have the honor of being featured in Rangefinder Magazine, the premier monthly magazine for professional photographers. A year ago, i took my Liquid Light picture. I knew I had a unique picture, but what could I do with it other than hang it on my wall? Well, this summer i submitted a draft article to Rangefinder; I checked with the editor, Bill Hurter, about two weeks later just to see what he though. I’m glad I checked, because the email never made it to him, so I resubmitted and then when I checked back later on, he said he had it slated for the Sept issue!

This is my first published article, and I am honored for it to be in Rangefinder, a magazine I have admired for years. Along with the honor of being in the magazine, the whole process also reminded me of something, this is what I got into photography to do. The creative/artwork side is my passion, and anyone who talks to me can tell. Over the past three years with the studio being open, I have drifted further away from my creative and artsy images, when the original intent of opening the studio was supposed to help me focus more on my art as well as taking portraits and wedding images. I am in the process of restructuring how I work and the future of my portrait work, but I will save that for my next blog post.

Thanks again to Rangefinder Magazine, and Scott Sheppard of Rangefinder Radio. You can view the article here and listen to the interview (in Itunes) here.  I’ll update the link once the interview is posted to the website.


If you came here from the Rangefinder article and know nothing about Cochran, Here is the video of the Howard House being demolished as mentioned in the radio interview:

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