Edgewater Media Is Going Mobile – And It’s a Good Thing!

It’s with mixed feelings that I make this announcement, even though it has been a decision that has been contemplated, shot down, revived, prayed over, accepted, and rejected over the past few months.  Now I’m ready and, although nervous, I am excited about the future.

I opened Edgewater Media’s doors a little over three years ago with the intention of serving the community with great portraits and wedding photography, with a central location for customers to view and order their pictures.  Prior to opening the studio, I concentrated mostly on my artwork, which is still my #1 passion in the photographic realm.  I thought that opening the studio would help me concentrate more on my artwork as well as take portraits and other every-day images, but it actually did the opposite.  Over the past three years, it would be a stretch to even say my art is on a backburner.  It’s more fitting to say 99% of it is sitting back in 2007, waiting for me to come back and get it.

The main problem with having a full time studio in a small town is the massive overhead to keep it going.  Added to the fact that I am the sole employee and that means that if I’m not at the studio, it’s not open. Hence this shift to a more mobile platform.

My passion is outside, back in my element, where most of my artwork is focused.  I like to meet somewhere that means something to my client, or to choose a location that will create individualized portraits that they are proud to show off.  A photographer friend once told me that “You have the eye for the scenery, now just put people in the picture.”

So What’s Going To Change?

November will be the last month of the studio as a physical location.  I will be shutting it down around Thanksgiving. I plan on having a big yard sale / fixture sale on Nov. 20th from 7am until.  I have a wedding that evening, so come buy up everything really quick! After the studio closes, I will continue to take portraits and weddings as I have been, but any meetings will be by-appointment versus drop-in.  I plan on taking a regular job again, and shifting the photography to weekends and evenings for now.

What about my work that you have already? Will you still do VHS transfers, Business Cards, etc?

I do still have a few video conversion jobs that are open and I will complete them all.  Hopefully I will have them all completed before the studio is closed. I will continue to transfer VHS and 8mm to DVD, although the VHS conversion will most likely shift to a third party as the 8mm film has already.

As far as business cards and other marketing materials, I will continue to serve existing customers who just need changes, and I will continue to serve my larger commercial and political customers. I will no longer do the small quantity cards, at least not at this time.

So, what’s next?

I will continue to strive to provide excellent images for my clients, and I believe the removed stress and overhead of the studio will help me to be more relaxed and creative versus trying to keep the lights turned on.  I hope in the future to shift my photography towards a more commercial market, and I believe this is the first step in that shift.  I am excited with the upcoming changes, I appreciate all of the patronage at the studio over the years, and I will still have previous portraits on file for any future ordering.

As far as “Edgewater Media” in the future, the name will probably drop and I will be shifting to something more like JDavidson Photography.  I previously registered http://www.jdavidsonart.com to differentiate my artwork from my portraits, so it is very likely that there will be a new web address for my portraits as well. Since my focus is shifting away from the marketing material, there is no reason to call myself Edgewater Media. As far as the phone number 478-934-7800, I will continue to use it until the end of November.  After that, I will turn off the phone (it’s routed to a cell phone) and leave a voicemail stating to either call my cell at 478-954-3112 or email me at james@edgewatermedia.com.

So we’ll see what is to come, and I hope you will continue to follow me on my blog and Facebook, and I’d love to take portraits for you or your family, or even capture your wedding day for you.

The future is brighter than ever!

Thank you again!
-James Davidson

“Do What You Like, Like What You Do!” – Life is Good



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