Jared & Kayla

In April I had the honor of photographing Kayla Sewell & Jared Darsey’s wedding.  It was at Pea Ridge, a beautiful homestead I have been privileged to photograph on several occasions.  I was fresh off of the Flash Bus Tour with David Hobby (strobist.com) and Joe McNally (joemcnally.com). I was refreshed photographically, and I had some new goodies to try out – more on that later.

The day was perfect, warm, but that is Georgia weather.  The biggest worry is always rain, and two of the other weddings I photographed at Pea Ridge included rain.  One was moved into the barn, the other trucked along right through the rain, laughing all the way!  That is part of what I love about wedding photography, you never know what situation you will walk into, and there is always something that needs adapting.

The day went off without a hitch, everyone had a great time.  I used a good bit of off-camera flash, a Canon 580 EX II with a Lumiquest LQ-119 Softbox III, triggered by Pocketwizards.  I usually haul around an Alienbee and Vagabond with a PCB Octabox, but I wanted to go lighter for the portraits since we were traveling around.  It did good, the light is harsher than an octa, so I will try a Westcott 2331 28-Inch Apollo Flash Kit next for a wider throw and softer edges.

The only sad note of the day – I was swapping my flash, and my brand new Speed Strap that I got from the Flash Bus tour, slipped off of the flash head…time slowed down as it flew into the air.  I tried to catch it, but alas, it found its way into the hole of a giant wire spool that was being used as a table.  I tried to retrieve it discreetly.  I did not want to flip this spool over in the middle of the reception!  My reaching and shaking was to no avail, and i went back to covering the last bits of the wedding.  I’ll get that strap back one day….maybe!

A few more images.  I love Southern Weddings!  (view more of my photography in my Flickr Stream – http://www.flickr.com/photos/edgewatermedia/


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