Atlanta – From the Hip

Last week, I was in Atlanta for training.  For those who don’t know, I took a job at the Carl Vinson Medical Center as a Purchasing Agent. This job allows me to get back to the roots of my photography, repair or replace outdated gear, and to enjoy shooting again.  Plus, there is a photography position here I have my eyes on, more on that later.

I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time to walk around and shoot, as I was commuting to Atlanta daily.  I took my old Canon Rebel XT that is converted for Infrared. I love the uncertainty of this camera, and I do not use it enough.  I only took a few photos, and of those, even fewer were in focus or interesting.  I took them while I was driving, just point, shoot, hope for the best.  The top image is my favorite.  I love the building fading into the morning fog, as well as the overall composition, even the car passing below.  It was nice to “shoot for myself” even though they were quick and dirty photos.

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