Shoot what you love, Show what you are proud of, and the rest will fall into place.

Shoot what you love, Show what you are proud of, and the rest will fall into place.


That is my new motto.


Most photographers follow other photographers in this socially-connected world. Whether via tweets, G+, Facebook or blogs, we always want to know what those “up the chain” are doing, thinking, or having for dinner.

There are reasons the “Pros” are Pros:

  1. 1.      They have mastered their craft & equipment.
  2. 2.      They know their vision and how they interpret and dissect life.
  3. 3.      They are constantly improving and challenging themselves.

A combination of a lack of the above, along with factors such as shooting just to stay busy or keep the lights on is the reason that several of us do not make it to our goal.  When I had the studio, I had to take almost every photo shoot that was presented to me (those within my moral bounds at least).  One of the freeing things about going back to a regular job was being able to pick and choose what I shoot, as well as work on personal projects.

When you work on subjects that interest you, it shows in your resulting images.  When you have no passion about the subject you are shooting, the same is true.  Someone who shoots car shows does not want to take newborn photos, and vice versa.

I love the outdoors, and I love historic buildings, or really anything old.  I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that I am shifting in that direction as I try to “go pro” again. I was recently contacted by Top Producer Magazine to shoot a story on a local peanut farmer.  I will post more on that once the photos are published.

The other great opportunity I had recently, which is still ongoing is working with the Hay House in Macon, GA.  I am working with them to redo their postcards and prints that are for sale in their gift shop.  This partnership resulted from a very random chain of events.

In 2008, I helped another photographer at a Gala event at the Hay House.  As I waited for him to arrive, I toured the house with one of the workers and took photographs of some of the various rooms and scenes in this beautiful mansion.  Tour guests are not allowed to take photos, but photography is allowed in correlation to events – galas, weddings, etc.  I wasn’t sure what I could do with my images now that I had them, I knew places like the Biltmore could not be sold etc due to copyright issues. So, I just put a few of them up on my Flickr site for the occasional viewing.

Almost 3 years later, I receive an email from one of the managers for the Hay House.  She found my images through a random popup that led her to my Flickr photos and loved them. She wanted to know if the Hay House could use them for some of their marketing and PR needs.  Now keep in mind, I sell my artwork as prints, note cards, etc, and I have always wanted to have my work for sale at historic sites and state parks.  We worked a deal and now I am in the process of preparing these images to replace the current stock of postcards and other items for sale in the gift shop.  I loved taking photos the first time in the Hay House, and those afforded me the opportunity to really take my time with the house and produce some stunning images.  I love it, and I think it shows in the photos. It all goes back to the new motto – Shoot what you love and show what you are proud of, now everything else will continue to fall in place.


 Whole set can be seen here:





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